“There is a story behind every person. There is a reason they are what they are. They are not so just because they want it. Something in the past has made them such, it is sometimes impossible to change.''

Emanuela Laurenti is a freelance photographer based in Rome.
After a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she specialized first in Photoediting at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia and then in Publishing, Journalism and Communication at the University of Roma Tre.
Always passionate about visual arts, her interest in photography takes shape in 2010, after several years spent working for the Internal Communication Dep. of a major italian company. During these last years she deepened her photographic studies by attending various courses and workshops. Among the teachers, Valerio Bispuri, Alessandro Gandolfi, Ricardo Cases, Federico Clavarino and Max Pinckers.
From October 2015 to May 2016 she attended the AM Modern Documentary Photography held by Massimo Mastrorillo at D.O.O.R ACADEMY.
In 2017 she also participated in the production process of a photographic book workshop, held by the photographer Rafal Milach and book designer Ania Nalecka. She works on social and other topics with a conceptual and intimate view, ranging from digital and analogue techniques.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 | BeTwin I Il Granello di Sabbia, Civita Castellana, VT, Italy

Group Exhibitions
2017 | At night flamingos fly I White Noise Gallery, Rome, Italy
2017 | The Kurdish Bride I Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 | At night flamingos fly I The Others Art Fair, Torino, Italy
2017 | I was not even of the same nature as men I Made in... Art Gallery, Venice, Italy
2016 | I was not even of the same nature as men I Interno 3-Dei Zeno, Rome, Italy

2017 | Artwort, At night flamingos fly
2017 | Il Fotografo, At night flamingos fly
2016 | Float Photo Magazine, The weight of salt
2016 | Positive Magazine, The weight of salt
2016 | ArtAbout, BeTwin
2015 | Fotoziti, fanzine produced during the workshop with Ricardo Cases
2015 | Parallelo Zero, The Kurdish Bride
2015 | Vogue.it
2014 | Visioni contemporanee tra fantasia e realtà, Ed. ARSEV Ars et Evolutio, Vestiti di Corpo e Anima
2014 | Il contemporaneo nell’arte, Ed. ARSEV Ars et Evolutio

2017 | 1st Place - Media Congress "Dialog of Culture”, The Kurdish Bride"
2016 | 1st Place - Moscow International Photography Awards - MIFA , Category: People/Professional, The Kurdish Bride